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Jiang and her giant boulder by yamumil
Jiang and her giant boulder
"man, this is just like a huge meat ball! except it's not at all and a lot more fun. so, make way tinies!"
a sketch for a new guy by yamumil
a sketch for a new guy
特撮物愛好家 將杨 (Tokusatsu film enthusiast Jiang Yang)

name: Jiang Yang
sex: female
age: 16
origin: Hong Kong, Peoples republic of China
likes: giant monsters, super heroes
dislikes: school assignments

Jiang really loves to watch monster film. Not just watching them, she also loves to "reenact" the film.
although she enjoys rampaging and causing panic as she plays a monster, but she actually is tad masochistic as she often fantasizes about being defeated and humiliated by opponent giant heroine.


I saw few kids watching a TV show and playing monsters vs. heroes in the hospital lounge yesterday,and  this character just came up in my mind:)
being big by yamumil
being big
"Oh, what do I have here."
"Heck?! Whaaaaaah! please don't! I, I don't want to be trodden!"
"huh? oh.... No, I was just looking at my toenail because somethin-"
"Somebody, save me! help!"*flees in panic*
"Errrgh... yes, just run away like that. I'm not even bothered anymore."
heavenly invasion by yamumil
heavenly invasion
"This is execution from above, you disgusting demon followers! I'll destroy all of your dirty race and wipe this land out until there is no dust of bit left!"


this is a quick sketch of the giant archangel chieftain "Firellia Goldenfeather" the angel of hatred and punishment, a contradictory character from my old fiction 'Devil Lord today'.

Firellia(pronounced "Fi-rell-lia") is known for her mercilessness toward anything against her because she becomes very aggressive and brutal while she fights or executes her opponents.

her former self was "Barbara·Roah Diablina" the devil of love and dominance but she fell in love with general "Parmus" the angel of justice and strength during the war between the angels and the devils. she decided to join the angels, so she tore her horns and tail apart herself and altered her wings. After all the years of fight, she became the 
archangel chieftain

her hatred of the devils is grown almost out of control because her love Parmus lost his family and his pride in the battle. she doesn't even use her magical abilities because she thinks it is sourced from her devil origin, so she only uses her physical force to fight unless she is so pissed trying to kill her nemesis "Barbara·Rosa Diablina" the devil of order and harmony, her younger sister.

Firellia loves Parmus, but she dreads him finding out that she is the one of the devils at the same time. so she imprisoned him in the cage located on the desk in her office and executed any angels questioning about her.

she is now not allowed to enter the devilish dominion due to ceasefire agreement, so she started to invade human world under the name of purification to bring her human-loving sister Rosa back to fight so she can slay her and annihilate the devils out of existence.

went thru dat government shit and now I'm going back to the us.
good bye for now, korea and your crap!



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a student of university in CA.

What Yamumil mean is, nothing. I just typed randomly.(It can be read as "tasty milk" if it is written in Korean though)

I use Korean as my first language, English, and little bit Japanese.

I like sketching my characters or writing fictions that have them in.

Feel free to add some comments on my works!


Current Residence: CA, the US
deviantWEAR sizing preference: US small
MP3 player of choice: Samsung's
Favourite cartoon character: Sakaki san
Personal Quote: "いいセンスだ!"

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